The purpose of this initiative is help mission dioceses convert their cemetery operations from a financial burden into a revenue generator. 

Loyola Marymount University
Catholic Management Services has worked with 16 dioceses across the nation to help grow their cemetery gross revenues.

In a recent survey of mission dioceses, Catholic Extension found that over 85% of parish and diocesan cemeteries operate at a loss. Furthermore, over 67% of respondents felt that the faithful in their diocese were not well educated on the importance of Catholic cemeteries, Catholic funeral traditions, and Catholic cremation options.

To help address this challenge, Catholic Extension and Catholic Management Services (CMS) have partnered to offer a customized training program to help mission dioceses across the nation improve the outreach and financial aspects of their cemeteries. Catholic Management Services is a church-owned nonprofit organization, founded in 2011, that has developed proven programs that help build a sustainable funeral and cemetery model within the Catholic Church. 

A healthy cemetery system that is producing revenue can strengthen the overall financial health of the diocese, as well as fully serve their population in keeping with Catholic traditions through all aspects of their life. 

Duration: 2 years
Value to Participating Diocese: $288,000


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  1. Applications for this initiative are currently closed.

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