One miracle and two academic degrees later, this Colombian sister builds faith with every tool in her box
Sister in Texas works with longtime residents and new immigrants in a parish without a resident priest
The sight of Notre Dame Cathedral in flames was excruciating for millions worldwide. And yet, it was a powerful reminder of the profound importance of churches.Churches are where people come together and unite.
Families travel by bus to visit their children, siblings, or other dear relatives in prison. See how prison ministry transforms the lives of these Catholics in Lafayette, Louisiana.
Women Lifting Up the Church
An internationally known scholar on seminaries brings keen insights to priestly formation.
Women Lifting Up the Church
Extending respect with each food and clothing item she provides
Monthly Column
In the final weeks of Lent, penitential psalms offer enlightenment, bringing attention to the voices of the disenfranchised.
Women are lifting up the Church in powerful ways. With determination and perseverance, they are building up faith communities through institutional positions in the Church, pastoral ministries and families.