Feast and Saints 2019 calendar2019 Feasts and Saints 

Catholic Extension’s 2019 Feasts & Saints calendar features works by master artists. Each curated image invokes an important faithful moment or person and is paired with short excerpts of canonical verse or scripture. Be inspired by the homilies of St. John Paul II, the gospel of Luke, and other sacred writings.     

(Available in English, Polish and English/Spanish)

2019 Inside the Vatican

Catholic Extension’s 2019 Inside the Vatican calendar journeys through the Renaissance-style halls and grounds of our spiritual home. Peek around quiet corners to observe the reverence of our ceremonies and the joy of our pilgrimages. Views are accompanied by quotes from scripture, homilies, or Catholic canon.   

(Available in English and English/Spanish)

2019 Rejoice O Earth 

We love sharing beautiful landscapes from some of our member dioceses and telling you about how Catholic Extension is active in communities nearby. The theme for the 2019 Rejoice, O Earth is “messages of love in scripture”. Celebrate the year with an uplifting blessing for every month and share your love of faith. 

(Available in English and English/Spanish)

NOMBRES QUE SE  LE DAN A JESUS  Spanish 2019 Calendar 2019 Nombres que se le dan a Jesús  

What name do you know Jesus by?

Catholic Extension’s 2019 Nombres que se le dan a Jesús introduces other names we call Jesus with every month. Each classic painting of Him or His life is paired with short verses that will inspire you—a beautiful calendar offering both the familiar and the new. (Available only in Spanish)

For more information, please contact Ray Totaro at 239-789-4778 or rtotaro@catholicextension.org.